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Just For Today....

A Weeble Wobble? For those of you that were children in the 70’s, you may remember the iconic egg shaped toys that would not lay down. They always bounced back up no matter what you did to them. Trust me I tried. *Laughing* I even dropped them through a knot hole in the old floor of a farm house that we lived in and ran to the basement so sure that this time they would stay down. They never did.

Life has a way of telling us we need to slow down and if we don’t listen our bodies will make us. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Determined that this disease was not going to knock me down, I took on the Weeble Wobble mentality. Each time a new side effect tried to knock me over I found a way to bounce back up.

Now I make small goals each day and say Just for Today....

Found on Pixabay